Monday, July 6, 2009


For those of you who don't spend as much time on the computer as I do, IRL means 'in real life' and refers to people you know outside of the computer. Today, we got to move one of our friends from the 'computer' column over the IRL column.

Patti and Kirk are amazing people who have three beautiful children. Their journey to their son was a long, difficult one but I'm sure they would tell you that looking at Camdin, it was worth every tear and painful moment. I am especially fond of Camdin because he was born in the same hospital as Andrew and also had the birth name of Luis.

Patti lives in TX but was in MI visiting relatives. We were able to meet in Toledo at the zoo on our way home from OH. Tara and the kids went too and (sadly) we all went our separate ways after having a wonderful day of meeting, hugging, and talking.

The group:

Tara with Devon and Logan
Me with Andrew
Patti with Sydni, Bayli and Camdin

Andrew would not leave this area until I had taken his picture on both of these animals:

I have no idea what kind of bird this is. I had never seen one before:

Well worth the wait:

Check out the crazy horns on this rhino:

I'm so bummed that this picture is was so cute of Kirk with Sydni and Andrew.

Sydni and Andrew:

Camdin had one of the best ideas of the day:

I can not believe he wasn't scared standing next to this giant polar bear.

My favorite animal:

Taking a little break between viewings.

My nephew's favorite food at Cracker Barrel is Chicken and Dumplings. One time, when he was much younger, he ordered it while we were all out together. He said, "Aunt you know what's in dumplings? Butter and dump!" I don't know about the dump, but I do know that Andrew agrees with Graham. Dumplings are a hit!

When we came out of Cracker Barrel, I asked Andrew to get into his car seat. He told me, "no seat. I dance." And he did.

This is how Andrew felt about finally getting home today.

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  1. Such great pics! Looks like you guys had an amazing trip! Love the "No seat. I dance." He is too cute- such a personality.