Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's zoo season

We hung out at the zoo today. The weather was beautiful and the boys loved looking at all the animals. They are at a great age because Andrew knows enough about the animals to tell Daniel about them and Daniel is old enough to take a genuine interest in them.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Best Brother

Andrew tells us all the time that Daniel is his 'best brother ever'.
They really do love each other.

This one cracks me up:

He actually thought he was sneaking up on Daniel from behind that pole:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Field trip!

Andrew went on his first field trip today and I got to go with him. It was a great chance for us to spend some time together--he has missed that since Daniel has been home. After dropping Daniel off at daycare, we ate a quick breakfast (and a very large coffee) at Panera. Then we went to meet the bus that would take us to Legoland. I think Andrew would have been perfectly happy just riding the big, yellow school bus all day--he has wanted to ride one for over a year.

We were greeted by this guy:

this guy: (Captain Kangaroo, right?)

and this guy. Andrew jumped right up onto the bench and said, "This is my daddy. I love him."

We saw two 4-d movies. The first one was about lego guys who are looking for a package and the second one was about Bob the Builder designing a roller coaster. They were only 9 minutes long--my kind of movie.

Then we went on a dragon train ride:

and saw this guy:

After the ride, Andrew posed with a few friends:

Next, we walked through the jungle room.

There was a large room filled with the Chicago skyline made completely out of legos. I was amazed and took about 50 pictures but Andrew was only interested in playing with the crane and pushing the button that made the little lego guy rip a whole in the street with a jackhammer.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big boy robe

I was going through some of Andrew's old clothes today and came across this adorable little robe that Tara sent him while he was still in Guatemala.
This picture was taken when I was visiting him in June, 2007.

This one was taken today.
So wrong. So, so wrong.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Party in the park it wasn't actually a party but it felt like one because the weather was finally beautiful and the boys were behaving themselves. Daniel is reaching that age where he can play on the playground equipment without me having to stand underneath of him pretending to cheer him on while mentally calculating the cost of an ER visit in my head. It's more fun for Andrew, too, to have a friend to play with.


Just hanging out:

Sometimes, you just have to roll down the hill:

How did he get this big?