Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Extra money

I never think of myself as someone who has 'extra' money, but in reality I do. I don't need to eat out as much as I do. I don't need to buy some of the things that catch my eye at Target. Andrew does not need all the toys he has. I always know this but it really hits me when I hear about the desperate need for food in Guatemala right now. It makes me so sad to think about Andrew's birth family in need of food when we have more than enough (sometimes too much). I can't help them right now (although I wish I could) but I can help others who have very little. Some friends of mine are going on a mission trip in December to hand out food baskets. The cost of one basket of food is $30 and Vanessa sends out pictures of the family who received each basket when she returns. She promises to have the pictures sent out before Christmas in case people would like to make their basket a 'gift' in someone else's name for Christmas.

I'm not begging you to help. I know that we all have charities that we give to and that we are sometimes spread very thin. I just didn't feel like I could let them leave in December without telling you...just in case you also have some 'extra' money laying around that you can't figure out what to do with.

You can find the information on Becca's blog here. She is not going on the trip but Vanessa and Marlene are. Becca is just a champion fundraiser and is doing what she can from this end to help since she can't travel this time. You can also find some information on Marlene's blog here.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Day

Today is our Family Day. Andrew came home 2 years ago today. I can't believe it's already been two years and yet it seems like he's always been here.

Me, Andrew and his beautiful foster mom:

On the plane in Guatemala.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Andrew.

Arriving at the Philly airport:

Andrew had ridden in a car many times before this but this was his first time in a carseat. Yikes.

Dinner at a great pizza place owned by Guatemalans.

Andrew and Gramma:

Andrew and Grandad:

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pre-Family Day

Tomorrow is our Family Day (there will be more on that tomorrow) but since it falls on a Monday, we celebrated today. We went to the Guatemalan restaurant with the Daniels family and then down to Millenium Park to check out the sculptures.

Jill and the kids made this awesome Diego shirt for Andrew. He LOVES it. Diego is embroidered on the front and on the back it says, "Go, Diego, Go".

Guatemalan food is FUN!

A quick snooze between activities:

There were several sculptures there from China:

Finally, a picture of all four of them looking at the camera and smiling:

He looks so tiny here:

When you have floor lights and a stage like this....sometimes you just HAVE to dance:

This totally reminds me of the video that Michael and Janet Jackson did together:

Ellie, Andrew and Tate:

A hug from Harper:

Can you see us there in the middle?

If you're laying down, Andrew feels that you are fair game to be jumped on. Be warned.

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See you soon!

Andrew was 'talking' to Gramma and Grandad on the phone today. He was telling them that he will see them soon.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I bump-a-head

One of my friends posted a video on Facebook the other day. (you can see it here.) Andrew was watching it with me and laughing hysterically. He kept doing the same thing the girl is doing (bumping his head) and then cracking up. He was in bed with me and would smack his head on the mattress and yell, "I bump-a-head!"
I had to get him on video watching it because it was so funny.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My brave boy

Tonight, Andrew and I were discussing the possibility of him sleeping in his own bed again at some point. I told him that he'll need to sleep in his own bed when Bear comes home so that Bear won't be scared in there by himself. He told me, "Bear scared in crib. I say, 'Ok....I right here.' " What an amazing little boy.

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Monday, September 21, 2009


When I was a little girl, I had a table and chair set. Because I'm a sentimental sap, I have kept parts of the table all this time. The chairs are gone and it needed a new top but I still had the legs. (I'm weird, I know) This summer, Grandad made a new table top and I got two chairs that were going in the trash at school. Tonight, I put it all together and Andrew was so excited! It still needs to be painted but I couldn't wait to show it to him. He immediately sat down and said, "This chair mine. That one Bear's." I love that he is so happy about his brother and eager to share his things.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A very busy day

Our day was jam-packed yesterday. The only other thing we could have possibly fit in would have been breakfast out. We left the house at 11:30 for our agency picnic. We met our friends Alissa and Emilio there. Alissa's mom came too because she wanted to see Andrew. I met Alissa and her mom in Guatemala on my visit trip. Our boys are only a month apart and had a great time playing together.

hmmmm.....I wonder what kind of trouble I can get into here?

Trying out the soccer moves he learned from Ellie last week:

Dos Amigos:

After lunch, we took off and went to the zoo. They were celebrating Hispanic Heritage month with "Fiesta para todos" or Party for All. The boys were excited to see Tyrone from Backyardigans and a couple other mascots there--even though they had no idea who the other ones were.

The Chicago Fire mascot:

'Teddy' the Turkey gave away autographed coloring sheets. Who names a Thanksgiving turkey, Teddy? Is that supposed to make turkey sound cute so I won't eat it because it's not going to work.


I've never seen the sloth bear move before:

Checking out the lions:

Two little joeys:

Showing me how kangaroos jump:

After the zoo, we went to dinner with the Daniels family for some delicious Mexican food then back to their house for 'smores. Andrew and I both passed out by 8:45 and slept til 8:20 the next morning. It was heaven.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two little words

I knew it was coming. I've been waiting for it. I had no delusions that it wouldn't happen to me....just wasn't sure when. It was today. Two little words entered our lives that might possibly push me right over the edge. And they almost caused me to say the four words that I have not yet uttered...but know that I will...'Because I said so'.

What were the two words that have brought such distress to our lives? Do you have a 2 year old? Have you ever had a 2 year old? Or been around one for more than 5 minutes?
You know what they are. Come on....think about it. What two words, uttered over and over and over again, can drive you insane faster than anything else?
That's right...

"Why, Mama?"

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More pictures of Bear!

I received more picture today from a woman who just came back from Ethiopia with her beautiful little girl.

He is looking at a picture of Andrew and me:

I neeeed to squeeze those cheeks and kiss those little lips...

I love this picture of him:

Everyone who has met Bear, reports that he spends a lot of his time pushing chairs around so he can walk from one place to another.

same pose....different chair:

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