Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big boy bed!

Andrew got his new bunk beds today. He LOVES them. He took everything out of his crib and put all the animals and blankets on his new bed. He slept there for his nap today. He got out a few times to get some books but called for me when he woke up. He really likes his new bed.



Checking out his new bed:

The gorgeous sheets that Jill made for him:

Pretending to go 'nigh-nigh'.

Checking out the top bunk:

He didn't like being told he couldn't jump around on the top bunk:

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  1. Don;t worry he'll be playing super man from the top bunk in no time!! LOL!! Looks like he loves them!!

  2. I think it is time for a visit to Will's trampoline! Unless that would only make it worse.

  3. Love the sheets on there. I don't understand why he cannot jump on the top bunk. Isn't that good sensory input?