Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

Andrew went to his very first baseball game tonight. I'm so glad he got to experience his first one with his Uncle Dan (who has quickly become one of his favorite people).

Baseball and a corn dog.
It really doesn't get much better than that:

When the batter would step up to the plate, Andrew would say, "Hit the ball". Too cute.

Uncle Dan bought Andrew a foam finger but Andrew had to promise to let Uncle Dan use it during the game also.

#1 fan:



Isn't she adorable????

Fooling around with Uncle Dan:

Proof that we were at a game:

Andrew spent quite a bit of time playing under the seat during the last few innings:

The mascots did the chicken dance on the dugout:

Dan shows his Lookout spirit:

Cutest little baseball fan ever:


Giving Amelia a hug:

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  1. Love the pictures! That is one thing we haven't done yet this summer, a ball game!!