Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Six months of firsts

April 23rd was 6 months since Wilson has been part of our family. Every day I look at this child and am amazed that God has trusted me to be his mom.  Wilson is funny, smart, affectionate, talkative, outgoing (but with good boundaries), eager to learn, adventurous and ridiculously cute.

It has been a wonderful and difficult 6 months for many reasons. The medical issues he has faced and the time/energy/work that it has taken to get him healthy have been hard. But the worst of that is over and he is making progress every month. He is so much stronger and more agile than he was in October. He cracks me up because he sets little goals for himself and then works until he has reached them. One week it was being able to pull himself up into the car by himself. The next week it was opening the car door and buckling his seatbelt. Another week, he wanted to learn to use the TV remote (that goal is still a work in progress).
Becoming a family is hard work. All of the boys struggle in different ways on different days. I struggle. But there is a lot of love in this house and we are getting some practice in apologizing and extending grace and forgiveness until the rest of it begins to come more naturally for all of us.

Here are some of the firsts that we have had the privilege of experiencing with Wilson during the past 6 months. 

First bed of his own:

First bubble bath:

First Mexican food (a favorite of his):

First tube slide:

First pumpkin:

First trip to the zoo:

First time trick-or-treating:

First arcade game:

First school bus ride:

First video game:

First carousel ride:

First pie in the face:

First trip to the dentist:

First movie theater:

First snow angel:

First candy hearts:

First time bowling:

First bowl of Lucky Charms:

First ice cream cone:

First time dyeing eggs:

First Easter basket:

First Easter egg hunt:

First kite:

First time at Lake Michigan:

Friday, April 25, 2014

Go fly a kite

The boys got kites in their Easter baskets and have been begging to use them. I'm pretty sure this is another first for Wilson.

Daniel tried to give Wilson some flying tips...

Sometimes when kite flying isn't going so well, you need a hug and kiss from your brother.

The boys wanted to roll down the hill and couldn't understand why Wilson had no clue how to do this. (not many green, rolling hills at the baby house.)  

He still wasn't understanding even after they wrapped him and rolled him so they showed him instead.

When all else fails, just start running.

Monday, April 21, 2014


We had a GREAT day on Easter. The weather was gorgeous, church was fantastic, the boys behaved and we squeezed as much into the day as we possibly could.
Wilson gets sad when we talk about things that we have done before he joined our family. On Sunday, we spent some time making memories with him by taking him to some places he hasn't been to with us.

We went to church for a wonderful service filled with amazing music that Wilson sang for the rest of the day.

After church, we drove into the city for Ethiopian food. We made a stop at the Lake to put our feet in and show Wilson one of the things that makes living in Chicago worth the cold and wind. 

Beach feet. Love them.

The 'twins':

There was dancing....

Then we went to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant for Yebeg Tibs Wat, Kik Alicha and Yemisir Wat. Yum!

After our delicious dinner we went to Jill and Peter's for an easter egg hunt and cupcakes to celebrate Ellie's birthday. 

It was a beautiful day filled with lots of great memories for all of us.