Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The largest free admission amusement park is near my aunt and uncle's house. My family has a reunion there every year but it is always in September and I have already started school by then. Since Andrew is old enough to go on the rides now, I wanted to take him (and maybe get a funnel cake while I was there). I wasn't sure how he would be on the rides but hoped he would like them. He did! He got scared on two of them---one went VERY fast and one went up too high for him---but he loved the rest of them; even the adult teacups.

Andrew's very first amusement park ride.

Riding with Daniel and Sarah.

Two little bugs in a bug:

I think Andrew seriously thought he was driving this car:

Waiting for his turn on the tilt-a-whirl:

Everytime Andrew went around the corner, the ride would toss him around. He spent the straight sections trying to sit back up and then would get thrown again. He loved it.

I like it!

I hate it!

Waiting for the teacups:

We were SQUEEZED into this teacup. My cousin Jamie said it was a good cup of tea because it had two bags in it (I can't believe he would say that about his favorite cousin!)

Andrew looks so small in the cup with all of us.

Andrew and Grandad walking to the antique cars.

Daniel 'clowning' around.

Aunt Sherry (Grammy) and Katie:

On our way to the tower slide.

That's us on the left:

This ride started out great but ended with some screaming.

Captain Andrew:

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  1. You got some GREAT pictures!