Saturday, April 12, 2014


Today was gorgeous...our first warm weekend day since....since....I have no idea when it was but we are glad it is back (for now).

Wilson is determined to climb on these without any help.


This is the look I get when I want to take a picture of him.

Hey Andrew. Read the sign.

These two are beginning to become friends. It's fun to watch.

Wilson has been practicing how to balance on a curb. He has set quite a few playground goals for himself. Next stop: swings!

These two were cracking each other up.

Yes! Stuck the landing!

Haitian snow angels...

He looks like he's being a good brother and helping him on the slide doesn't he? 

He was actually positioning him so he could do this:

Two hours, one bathroom break, four water bottle refill trips to the fountain and three band-aids. Not a bad day. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


One of the things that Daniel is struggling with right now is a connection to family. He knows who his parents are in Ethiopia and we are in contact with them but he wants someone 'here'. Andrew has his sister in CA and Daniel also wants family that he can see and hang out with. 
I ordered the 23andme DNA kit so we can hopefully find some cousins here in the US. 
This morning he got to do one of his favorite things: spit. 


We are sending the sample off to the lab today and will hopefully have some answers in about 6 weeks. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014


There was sunshine today and our house didn't feel like a cave so I got out my camera. I almost got a picture of all three boys together. Almost.  

Daniel and Wilson were cooperative and excited about getting to sit on the arm of the chair that I never let them sit on and even looked at me at the exact same second. 

Then I asked (bribed) Andrew to join them. He and Wilson....check., not so much. 

For the record, I did get all three of them in a picture.....just not at the exact same time. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Andrew's almost birthday

While at my parents' house, we celebrated Andrew's 'almost' birthday. He requested a meal at Cracker Barrel (there may have been some help from Gramma with that decision).


Several years ago, one of the boys asked for a 'pie in the face' as part of his celebration with Gramma and Grandad. My mom was happy to oblige and a new birthday tradition started. This year, Wilson got in on the fun.

Daniel kept his face in the tin for a while---eating every bit of whipped cream that he could get to.

I also introduced the boys to a Philly favorite--Tastykake pies. Sadly, they are not nearly as good as they were when I was growing up but getting a WHOLE pie to yourself is always a win.