Friday, July 3, 2009

Devon's Family Day

We drove back to OH today to celebrate Family Day with our friend Devon. We made tacos for dinner and Tara made a DE-licious tres leche cake (which I ate WAY too much of).

Tara's beautiful cake. We laughed our butts off when she realized that she had made the stripes and stars backwards.

It's my Family Day!

Thumbs up from Logan


Andrew and I gave Devon this doll to celebrate her day.

After dinner, we went to a nearby town to watch fireworks. The kids had a great time playing together while we waited for the show to begin.

Dancing to music that no one else could hear:

Practicing his cartwheels

Abrazo! (hug)

Tara and Devon----beautiful

Resting up for the show:

Andrew called these 'fire-uh-works'.

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