Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Magic

Last night, we went to the zoo to see the lights. We went with our friends Jill, Harper, Ellie and Tate. Andrew and I still aren't feeling great but it was nice to get out and do something fun.

I have a very hard time getting good pictures of the lights with my camera.

Walking with Ellie:

Ellie showing Andrew the elf.
Andrew really wanted to play with the elf. When the elf left, Andrew threw himself on the ground yelling, "HO, HO, HO". It wasn't pretty.

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All in a row

I bought some plastic animals for Andrew at the Target after Christmas sale. (I'm hoping it will stop him from stealing the animals off of his Noah's Ark lamp). Last night, he lined them all up on the dining room table. He even threw the placemat on the floor because it made the animals uneven. After he went to bed, I cleaned up all the toys and put the animals in his toy box.
This morning, I walked into the dining room to find this:

I actually gasped when I saw them. It was as if they had moved themselves there over night. Creepy.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

CD player

My brother's family got Andrew a Diego CD player for Christmas. He loves it! He just walks around the house wearing it and listening to his music.

He can even vacuum while listening to music!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chee'burger, chee'burger

We drove home from Philly today. I didn't have the heart to feed Andrew another chicken nugget so we graduated to the cheeseburger. He loved it. I showed him how to take a bite out of it and after that we both had to take a bite at the same time, every time. He looked like such a big boy standing in the booth eating his cheeseburger. I'm sure the people at the rest stop thought I was nuts taking pictures of my kid eating a McDonald's cheeseburger but who cares; I'll never see those people again, right?

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

An early birthday party

We celebrated Andrew's early 2nd birthday with Gramma and Grandad today. My Aunt Sherry, Uncle Danny and grandmother were here too to help us sing.

He practiced blowing out a candle to get ready for the real thing.

Can you see him blowing? He was so cute.

A gift from Uncle Dan, Aunt Lisa and his cousins:

A Guatemalan backpack!!

Handy Manny magnets. These are already a favorite.

This train is part of a set. Gramma and Grandad are giving him one train each year until he's old enough to actually play with them.

He stopped for a bite of cake in between each present he opened.

He just started doing this when he gets embarrassed or bashful.

Playing with his Manny magnets.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Andrew loves Barbie?

Today, we went to see some of our 'on line' friends who live near my parents. It was nice to meet them 'in real life' and chat for awhile. They have a beautiful little girl named Olivia who was a very gracious hostess and let Andrew play with her new toys from Santa.
Andrew had a great time playing with the Barbie camper. I like to think that he was pretending to make fires and do other manly things while he was playing but I can't be sure.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning

He was a little overwhelmed when he first came out this morning.

Brobee!! I've been playing with you at Target and now here you are!

Trying out the new vacuum

Proof that I clean my house....how else would Andrew know how a vacuum works?

Now THIS is how you open a stocking...

Parka the Polar Bear

Brushing his teeth with his new Elmo toothbrush.

Mmmmmm......Grandad made 'international toast' (French toast made with Italian bread).

Dipping his toast in the syrup. Andrew loves to 'dip' things.

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