Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zoo (take 3)

Today, we went to the Chattanooga Zoo. It was Andrew's 3rd zoo in 3 states in 12 days. He loves seeing as many animals as he can. We had a great time and saw some animals we hadn't seen before (like the red panda). There was an exhibit called "Misunderstood Marvels". If you are going to visit the Chattanooga Zoo do not be fooled! This is the reptile house. Yuck.

Looking for animals:

There were a LOT of turtles at the zoo....they were in various other animals cages. Andrew spotted every single one of them. He's a big fan of turtles.

A red panda...isn't it cute?

Uncle Dan and Andrew trying to pet a miniature horse:

Amelia petting the miniature horse:

Feeling brave:

Andrew and Bennett petting the goat:

Bennett and Andrew:

Andrew and Amelia:

Amelia was so good with Andrew:

Checking out the creepy reptiles:

If there is an animal statue, Andrew wants his picture taken with it:

It's like looking in the mirror, isn't it kids?

Washing off the zoo dirt (from the puddles they kept walking through)

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