Friday, July 12, 2013

Daniel lost a tooth!

Daniel told me the other day that his tongue hurt. I looked at it and there was nothing wrong. Then he told me to look in his mouth. There, right behind his adorable little baby teeth was an adult tooth popping through! He's barely 5! Boo.
The loose tooth drove him crazy. Every 10 minutes he made me look at it and complained that it hurt. Andrew and I wiggled it for him constantly just to get it out of there. 
Today, he decided it needed to come out. He tried. I tried. And then he let Andrew try. I heard them in the bathroom and didn't want to interrupt them because they were so funny. At one point, I heard Andrew say, "Do you want to be like me with big boy teeth? Then you're going to have to have some pain." After a few minutes, I went in to help (and take pictures).  I told Daniel to hold Andrew's hand and be brave. I pulled the tooth out so easily that he didn't even know I had done it until I showed it to him. Andrew claims that I was able to pull it out because he loosened it. 


Sunday, July 7, 2013


The boys have been asking to go to the pond to look for frogs. Tonight, they got their chance. We got to see quite a few frogs and heard them do some serious singing.