Thursday, July 29, 2010

And the winner is....

The Andersons!!

Contact Arlene at theroseyposey at gmail dot com to collect your hat for sweet little Grace. :) Can't wait to hear which one you pick out and to see a picture of her wearing it.

P.S. It's my mom's birthday today so make sure you say 'happy birthday' when you contact her. She's 39. ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first give-away!

Am I a 'real' blogger if I do a give-away? Well, here it is!
I'm giving away a hat from The Rosey Posey. You can win the hat of your choice (with or without an embellishment) from The Rosey Posey. I will choose a winner on Wednesday night (to be announced on Thursday). Here's all you have to do. Go over to The Rosey Posey and look around. Come back and leave one comment for each of the following:

Tell me which hat you would like to win.
'Like' The Rosey Posey on Facebook.
Become a follower of 'The Rosey Posey' blog.
Leave a comment on 'The Rosey Posey'. She looooves comments.

So there you go....4 chances to win a hat for your son or daughter (or yourself).

The hats are adorable and she has several choices of embellishments.

This hat is my current favorite:

Oh, but I love this one too.

and the initials....who doesn't love an initial?

love the colored band on this one. Imagine that in fall colors. Yum!

beautiful little girl...beautiful hat. Love how the flower just pops right off of it. (speaking of which...the flowers are removable.)

Here are my two little Bears fans wearing their new Rosey Posey hats. They are SERIOUS about their hats. Real men do not wear flowers on their hats, though.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


oh my gosh! It was SO hot today! We hung out at a great local park with Kelly, Tara and their families.
(some of these pictures were taken by Kelly. She is an amazing photographer.)

Birds of a feather:

Andrew was playing hide-n-seek with Devon. She would much rather cheese for the camera than look for someone who's right next to her. Smart girl.

Uncle Curly might be Daniel's new favorite person. He pushed him in the swing for over 1/2 an hour.

They had a dance area with speakers around the circle. Of course, that was an opportunity that Andrew could not pass matter how hot it was.


This kid gets cuter and sweeter every time I see him (which isn't nearly enough).

Karson obviously doesn't know that I feel panicky when kids swing this high.

Daniel sat in this swing for 45 minutes. He was pooped from all the swimming the day before and too hot to run around.

The climber:

Sweet Kemry-pie:

All of our adopted kids under one roof (so to speak). They were hiding in the playhouse to get out of the sun.

The kids were so hot. They were all chugging bottles of water.

Daniel drank tons of water but was still hot so I dumped a bottle over his head. He loved it!

After the park, we headed to the McDonald's playland to soak up some air conditioning and tire the kids out for the rides home.

The boy in the bubble (one of the only boys I know who's as cute as John Travolta).

Daniel's new favorite sport: jumping off of everything.

Yes! He stuck the landing!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today, we went to the Columbus Zoo. It was HOT but we had a great time hanging out together and seeing some animals. The zoo is huge and even after 4 hours, we only saw two sections of it.

The stingray kept smiling at us:

Daniel was fascinated by the fish.

Isn't Logan adorable? And by adorable, of course I mean Handsome.

I love the Okapi.

Hellooo, kimodo.

Watching the boats go down the river.

After the zoo, we went out for dinner and then swimming at the hotel.

Friday, July 16, 2010


We are spending this weekend in Columbus with a group of people who have adopted children. We met each other through adoption from Guatemala but most of us did not stop there. Mindy organized a great weekend for everyone to get together.

We got here a little earlier than some of the others (despite having to pull over no less than 15 times to hand things to Daniel 'butter fingers' Focht and to 'remind' Andrew to buckle his seat belt.) The boys checked out the hotel room while I ran around putting breakables out of their reach and, of course, taking a million pictures of them.

Andrew danced around on the bed with Woody on his shoulders singing, 'You've got a friend in me.'

Tonight, we went to Magic Mountain. It was nice because the playgym area was gated so the kids could climb and run without having to be chased and the parents had a chance to talk to each other.

Silly Tara taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.