Monday, July 20, 2009


We went to see where Uncle Dan works today. He is a helicopter mechanic and he maintains the life force helicopters at the Chattanooga hospital.

Walking with Uncle Dan to the hangar:

oooooo.....Uncle Dan's tools....

The helicopter was not there when we arrived but it flew in shortly after. We got to see it land.

Then they put it on the lift and pulled it into the hangar. It was amazing to see them pull the helicopter as if it weighed no more than a kids' wagon.

Uncle Dan checks out the copter.

Andrew was not excited about sitting in the cockpit.....

but Amelia was.

Dan showed us how to take the gurney in and out of the helicopter:

We had lunch at the hospital and then went home. We played outside with some 3D sidewalk chalk and water guns and then played on the 'playground'.

Bennett gave the 3D chalk a 'thumbs up'.

Andrew learned how to load the squirt gun and then shoot it high into the air.

The climber:

We topped off the afternoon with a delicious snack:

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