Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th

Tara and Curly's development had a cute little parade and party at the beach today. We decorated the kids' wagon and scooter so we could follow the parade to the marina.

This was a wagon full of 'tude!

Logan is ready to ride!

Here comes the parade!

I'm cute....can I have candy?

Getting mommy some tootsie rolls:

Enjoying the loot:

It's not a party without a bouncy house

Here comes Logan!

Today was a day of firsts for Andrew.

The first time he had his face painted:

Cutest flag I've ever seen.

First cotton candy:

Monkey see....monkey do

Andrew's first time at the beach:


Andrew was perfectly content to sit in the sand and play. He really didn't like going in the water. I actually got to sit in a chair and get some sun. It was wonderful!

Logan (also known as 'little Curly') plays some bocci ball.

Two beach beauties:

After the beach, we went to Tara's brother's house. Shawn is the chef/co-owner of an amazing restaurant near Cleveland so, of course, the food was awesome.

See this competition? There was a lot of this while we were visiting. Tara and I said that we are going to have to plan the whole wedding because these two will be fighting over every detail. :)

Doing a little drumming while they wait for dinner:

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