Friday, July 9, 2010

Sprinkler park overload

The boys and I did a sprinkler park mini-marathon this week. Four parks in five days. Whew. I'm pooped (but way more tan than I usually get in the summer).

We went to our little neighborhood sprinkler park on Monday with Kathy and Nicholas.

Peanut butter/Jelly face:

You're probably wondering how he manages to get that much peanut butter and jelly on his face while eating a sandwich. Here's your answer:

On Tuesday, we went to the park that has a splash pad, sand area, zipline and playground. The boys would camp there and live off of goldfish crackers and lemonade juice pouches if I let them.

There's a reason it's called a 'splash' pad.

I love my camera more than ice cream.
I know! It's hard to believe I just wrote that but it's true!

There are only so many ways I can find to entertain myself for 4 days of splash parks. I'm only making you look at a few of the pictures I took of the water.

Give me your best shot, water gun. I can take it!

Muscle man.

He was singing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' while he was doing this:

He drinks the water every chance he gets.

He's a dinosaur.
A smart, funny, stubborn, out-spoken, toddlersaurus.

On Wednesday, we joined the MOPS group from church at the Ty Warner park.

Today, we went to a VERY fun toddler water park. The water was never higher than 2.5 feet....perfect for my little 36-39" boys. We went with Barb and Noah. In Andrew's words, "the reason? because he's my friend." Can't argue with that.
I cheated and took two of these pictures off the web. I couldn't take pictures and keep Daniel's head above water at the same time. That kid is under the water every chance he gets.

We spent most of our time here because apparently 3 days of splash pads in one week just isn't enough.

Daniel would live in here if I would let him but Andrew is still pretty scared of water that comes past his big toe.

We had a little picnic on the grass and the boys ran off a little energy (although how they had any left after going down the frog slide 284 times, I'll never know).

the determined look on Andrew's face cracks me up.


  1. Awesome photos Ruthanne -- So cool that you have that many fun parks near you. And that the weather is nice enough that you can be outside to enjoy them!

    I too, love the look on Andrew's face in that last pic, and my favorite Daniel pic is the face close-up after the PB&J ones. SO cute. And Molluscum-free, I might add!

  2. I am SO JEALOUS of all those water parks. I would love to be able to spend 4 days with the kids in splashlands. pictures are awesome and seeing your boys together kinda(don't tell my husband)makes me want to bring another little guy home;)