Saturday, July 10, 2010

Legos and bears

We hung out at the zoo today. They were having a special lego display and I wanted to take the boys back to the new bear habitat.

It's not a trip to the zoo if you don't sit on the lion.

I love this fountain:

We got to see a peacock baby!

Are we as tall as a bear yet?
(this was not an accurate measurement as both boys are already 36" and above)

Looking for the polar bear:

Jumping between ice caps the way polar bears do.

He put on quite a show for us:


We also walked through the butterfly tent. I plan to bore you with those pictures later on but here's one to hold you over til then.

There was a large lego display at the zoo today. They had tents set up where the kids could play with legos.

We played in the duplo tent.

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  1. Wow! Look at how far Daniel has come! I remember when he wouldn't dare get on the lion. And look at him now! :)