Sunday, July 25, 2010

My first give-away!

Am I a 'real' blogger if I do a give-away? Well, here it is!
I'm giving away a hat from The Rosey Posey. You can win the hat of your choice (with or without an embellishment) from The Rosey Posey. I will choose a winner on Wednesday night (to be announced on Thursday). Here's all you have to do. Go over to The Rosey Posey and look around. Come back and leave one comment for each of the following:

Tell me which hat you would like to win.
'Like' The Rosey Posey on Facebook.
Become a follower of 'The Rosey Posey' blog.
Leave a comment on 'The Rosey Posey'. She looooves comments.

So there you go....4 chances to win a hat for your son or daughter (or yourself).

The hats are adorable and she has several choices of embellishments.

This hat is my current favorite:

Oh, but I love this one too.

and the initials....who doesn't love an initial?

love the colored band on this one. Imagine that in fall colors. Yum!

beautiful little girl...beautiful hat. Love how the flower just pops right off of it. (speaking of which...the flowers are removable.)

Here are my two little Bears fans wearing their new Rosey Posey hats. They are SERIOUS about their hats. Real men do not wear flowers on their hats, though.


  1. You know I've never seen such cute hats! I love the new one with the crocheted flower, but then again, you know I love them all!

  2. Oooh ooh I want one! My favorite is a solid color with the small crocheted flower. Love the jewel tones or turquoise with orange flower (my favorite color combo).

  3. I absolutely LOVE the gray ones! And the sport ones ! Left a comment for her. Following her and a fan on FaceBook :)

  4. I think my new favorite is the one with the knitted flower, or the felt flower with the buttons or the initial or.... :) I adore them all! Comment here, comment at the Rosey Posey, a follower and a liker. 4 points please :)

  5. I have three favorites! I love the gray one with the flower on your blog, I also love the initial idea, then, the button ones! Love them all! I also left a comment on Rosey Posey

  6. I love the felt flower hats! So cute! I became a follower of the Rosey Posey, a liker on FB and commented both here and there LOL.

  7. My favorite is the one with a butterfly on it. I am planning on ordering a few hats for my mom, who is on a rehab floor recovering from a broken hip and wrist. Lots of people on the rehab floor are sportin' hats since they don't have time and energy to fuss with hairdos. I think that is a new market for Rosey Posey!

  8. I think my favorite is the crocheted hat with the felted flower. There was a purple on purple and a purple on green on FB that I LOVE.

  9. I think my favorite is the gray hat with the white and gray flower. Adorable!!

  10. I LOVE the chocolate browm with blue flower felted hat and also the initial ones are also wwwaaaayyy CUTE!!! I would love to win either of these for Elaina!!!

  11. I alos LOVE the pink hat woth the polka dot flower. They are all so adorable!!!