Saturday, February 27, 2010


The chart is gone. Andrew tore it off the wall yesterday and ripped it in half. I've decided that he is grieving our old life. His hardest times seem to be in the morning right after he wakes up. I wonder if he wakes up and then remembers....'oh yeah. Everything is different now'. Today, I tried a new tactic. As soon as we all got up, we had breakfast together and then did a fun activity. And what could be more fun than play-doh? Andrew was wonderful. He had a great time and was very willing to share the play-doh with Daniel. Turns out Daniel was perfectly happy putting things in the big tub the play-doh came in and then dumping them out again.

Daniel went off to vacuum while Andrew worked on his masterpiece:

Hard at work:


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  1. Play doh is so fun. I wonder if Big Sister is not grieving the life we had too. Sometimes she wakes up from nap and is inconsoleable. Hmmm... you've given me something to think about

  2. I'm glad you're training Daniel early on...Sam's getting pretty good at manual labor as well. ;)

  3. Love it and love how the play doh is mixed up all together!

  4. As I said to you in an email, this info is all very helpful for me to refer back to when Sweet T comes home and Maya has to share Mommy's attention.

    Glad that you had a great morning. It will get easier :) love the beautiful pictures of your beautiful sons.