Thursday, February 25, 2010


We have been so blessed with wonderful, generous friends. About every other day, there is a package waiting for us in the lobby for the boys. And not only do these wonderful people send a gift for Daniel, they also send something for Andrew.
Thank you to everyone who has sent something. It is NOT necessary but I know that you already know that. It's overwhelming at times to realize how many people care about my sons.
One of the gifts we just received was the cutest personalized set of dishes and a book. Andrew really loved seeing his name on a plate and I know that Daniel will too (when he realizes what names are...and letters..and plates).

the above post was not a shameless plug for more gifts...the boys are blessed and do not need anything else (except maybe a hooded towel from Stitches So Sweet). ;)

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  1. Are you registered anywhere?! How about at Stitches So Sweet? That place has the best stuff!

  2. That is too funny! I thought you were coming over to plan the towels. I know you!

  3. Ok Ruthanne...I get it...what do you want us to get you? ;)Seriously though, those are cool gifts!