Monday, February 15, 2010


While I was in Ethiopia, I had the chance to go shopping twice to buy things from Daniel's beautiful country. There were still a few things I wasn't able to get but then found them at the airport on our way home. One of those was a nativity set. I collect them and have a beautiful one from Guatemala. I know they are not traditional in Ethiopia but I was still hoping to have one for him.

A mancala board for the boys to play with when they are old enough to understand the game (this also happens to be one of my favorite games)

A mancala board made of ebony. This one is for Daniel when he is older. I'm tempted to keep it for myself. I love it!

The outside of the mancala board:

This basket has a 'strainer' in the bottom of it to squeeze the liquid out of pulpy plants. (I saw them using it on 'Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern' when they were in Ethiopia.)

A sugar/creamer set:

One of my favorite Ethiopian coffee pot:

Christmas ornament. (not sure that these are traditional either but it's going to look great hanging on my tree!)


Traditional outfits for Daniel:

Gorgeous scarves:

Silver Ethiopian cross bracelet and earrings:

the jewelry came in this adorable little basket:

Tapestry pillow cover of Moses (the first adopted child)

beaded bracelets:

a small basket to hang on the wall in the boys' room:

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