Friday, February 12, 2010

Addis Ababa

It would be impossible to truly represent Ethiopia with a few pictures. It is amazing here and I already want to come back. Photos don't show the smells and sounds of Addis Ababa which add to the whole picture of this city.
There is always music in the air. It is Lent here now and there is chanting at the Orthodox church everyday from 12-3. There is an amazing number of people on the streets and sidewalks at all times. There are no traffic signals and only a few stop signs. The traffic flows amazingly well and people are more than polite in letting other cars go where they need to.

Most of my pictures were taken from a moving cab.

The scaffolding here is amazing. I cannot stop taking pictures of it. No matter how tall the building, all the scaffolding is made using sticks that are woven together to form a structure on the outside of the building. There are even ramps that allow them to get from one floor to the next.

There are very modern buildings here, also.

This is the large, Orthodox church where people can be seen and heard chanting each day.

This herd of donkeys were coming down the street right outside our guest house. The donkeys are used to carry all sorts of supplies and are often herded by children.

The view from our guest house rooftop:

The Prime Minister's house (no one told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures until I had already done it).

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