Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today, Daniel Bereket Mintesnot came to America from Ethiopia. We had a big crowd waiting for us at the airport. Suanne's family was there waiting for her. Andrew and my parents came with Jill, Peter and the kids.

"Welcome to America Daniel Beareket"

We're home!

Our first picture together.
(yeah, it's not a great one of me but see how you look after 6 hours of sleep in 26 hours of traveling)

Family Photo:

Oh, how I missed this boy:

Just like his brother...he is drawn to men:

Not at all happy about his first time in a carseat:

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  1. Tears of joy well up in my eyes as i see your homecoming photos!! I think becoming a forever family is the most rewarding journey you can share!! Congrats again and welcome home!

  2. OH how sweet. Loving the Bear hat. He is even cute when he is crying. What great pictures of the family.

  3. Like Vanessa... I got teary eyed reading this post too!! Love seeing you guys as a family.