Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We went to my classroom today and walked/rode in the Halloween parade.

Go Bucks!!

Watching the parade go by.

I was dressed as a "new mom".


  1. Love the "new mom" costume! Congratulations!

  2. How cute! Love the pics in the previous posts too, especially the giggly ones. :)
    Kerri and Ruby

  3. So Cute!

    I knew all along I liked you and now I like you even more since you are a Buckeye fan!!! :)

  4. HOW ADORABLE IS HE?????????? Found your site...Just had to dig a bit...Love the new mom costume also...GREAT IDEA!!! I am feeling a bit that way myself...It is al about what I can get done in the few mintues f down time I have!!!
    So happy to see the two of you enjoying each other. God is good!

  5. Great pictures of your son! He is adorable! Love your costume...terrific idea!

  6. Ruthanne, your costume turned out perfect. Andrew is the cutest little quaterback ever! Hope you had a happy halloween!!!

  7. LOVE your costume - you must know me well...I am not a new Mom - but looks like my wardbrobe lots of days around here;)

    So happy you are getting to enjoy Andrew and that he is at home!!!!!!


  8. That is just hilarious! I love this post! He is gorgeous! Keep the pics coming!

  9. I LOVE the costume and of course I also love that cute "little" linebacker! GO BUCKS!