Monday, October 1, 2007

Baby food is for babies

Uh, yeah, so the baby food has not gone over well. I'm pretty sure he never had it before and he really wants nothing to do with it. So far, he likes Cheerios, bananas (in pieces, not mashed), spaghetti noodles, cantaloupe, grilled cheese, papaya, ham, and, of course, rice and beans.

The first night we got home, we stopped for dinner at a pizza place owned by Guatemalans. He liked the pizza, but was way too tired and crabby to really enjoy it.

Here's what I think of your prunes, mom:
(as you can see, there are WAY more on the bib than ever made it into his mouth)

Why would you try to feed me baby food when I'm obviously a big boy?

And...I like to relax while I eat my meal:


  1. ahahahaha! Can you blame him? Have you ever tried any of that baby food? Giggling! He wants big boy food. Maybe try some Gerber Graduates?

  2. Too cute! I love his "crying" face! Would you want to eat prunes???? Not me!!!

  3. Hey girl will you email me am so sorry for my CRAZY behavior at the Marriott and I did not get to visit with you like I wanted too. I would really like to talk to you...because I feel like you are one person who went through this with me. I am so glad you all made it home safe and sound. HUGS Candy and Kya Blu

  4. What a cutie! And can you blame him for the prunes?

    Kerri and Ruby

  5. OMG!!! He is such a big guy eating his big guy food!

  6. Congrats on being home! Kevin also prefers "people food" over baby food. I know the FM was giving him mashed up food.