Thursday, October 25, 2007


Several people have given Andrew outfits. Many of them are 12 months so he doesn't fit into them yet. But some of them are 9 months. I remember to take pictures of him in them, but I don't always remember to show the pictures to the people who gave him the outfits; so here they are. Aren't they (he) cute?

From Theresa:

Thanks JoAnn!!

From Tara:

Nikki rocks!

Did you give him an outfit and I didn't include it? It's not because we don't love's because I'm brain-dead. Remind me in the comment section and I'll post a picture!!


  1. He is a doll in anything Ruthanne!!

  2. He is so darn cute! Toss me a email with your address. Would love to send him a buckeyes Shirt=)

  3. Andrew is too cute, and I give you credit for remembering who gave you what, and getting pictures this soon! John's been home 10 months, and I'm only starting to regain brain function (during those rare times when he sleeps well).

  4. Awe, Ruthanne, what a nice idea for a post. Andrew is such a little model~ I think he looks great in all of the outfits as well.