Thursday, August 30, 2007

The official end of summer

Yesterday was the first day of school....officially. The kids were back. It was weird starting the year with only three. I kept waiting for the other bus to pull up. I have to admit heart's not in it this year. I'm there. I'm excited about the new curriculum we have. I loved reading the "Pigeon" books (by Mo Willems) to them and seeing them crack up when pigeon doesn't get his way. I can't wait to see them get excited about dinosaurs and Johnny Appleseed, but mostly I want to be in Guatemala.
Two of my students from last year are returning this year. My new student had a very short honeymoon---in time out by 10:00. After slapping me a few times and giving my arm a little nibble, he settled right in and had a GREAT afternoon. He did tell me though (as tears and snot were streaming down his little face) "I'm going home and I'm taking my school supplies with me." I almost cracked up. All in all, it was a good first day.
We sure do miss you, Jess. Enjoy your time with your new baby and then get back here!!

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  1. Ruthanne I love hearing your excitement to start school. It really helps knowing there are teachers out there that are eager to work with our kids and love their jobs. I think there are lots out there like this, but it's nice to hear it. You are such a good teacher and will be an even better mommy!

  2. I laughed so hard when I read your little guy's comment about taking his school supplies back!! That's so funny! I totally understand about wanting to be in Guatemala. I also teach school and each day, I come home and stare at Caroline's pics. It's hard when you love your job, but your heart is miles away...Hang in there and you will have Andew home soon!!! Sending you lots of love,

  3. That reminds me of a story someone blogged a while back. Her kiddo decided he was running away (wasn't getting his way), so he climbed in his stroller and then said, "let's go" LOL