Thursday, August 16, 2007

A baby with a new name!!

I just got the call from my agency. Andrew has a new birth certificate, and he now has my last name!!! Birth mom has signed off for the fourth and final time and I am being submitted for pink today or Monday. I'm still not sure about the exact time line because of the new DNA testing, but it should be 3-4 weeks from now when I go to pick him up. I really have been trying to keep busy today, but this just made it much easier to concentrate and relax!!

Here are some pictures to show how happy Andrew is about officially having the same last name as his grandparents:


  1. That is so exciting! You were just talking about the "waiting game" and now it's almost over! Perhaps we will be down in Guatemala together. :) (Me, of course for a visit :)

  2. Oh Ruthanne I am SO happy for you! WOOHOOO!!!! I cannot wait to hear my favorite color burst from your mouth. ;) Those pictures of Andrew are SO SWEET!

  3. Congratulations! I hope the 2nd DNA test goes quickly and you get PINK soon!!

  4. Yeah!!!! Those are awesome pictures of Andrew Focht! (That has a great ring to it, eh?)

  5. Congratulations Ruthanne. So happy that Andrew is coming home soon. Get packing!

    Susan & Evvy