Saturday, September 1, 2007

The 'real' DNA story

What a nightmare this second DNA has been.
I was submitted for pink/2nd DNA on Aug 16.
On Tuesday, Aug 28, I was told that the sample had been taken and sent and we were just waiting for results.
After an embarrassingly large number of phone calls/emails to Labcorp, I found out yesterday at 4:00 that the sample still hadn't arrived at the lab.
I called my agency to find out that since it was the Friday before Labor Day, there was really nothing that could be done until Tuesday.
I called my wonderful translator, Bryann, in Guatemala last night who informed me that the DNA sample had been done yesterday. Yes, you read that right. YESTERDAY!!

So, now I know. The sample has been done and it is on it's way to the lab in North Carolina.
Please pray that it gets there safely, gets processed quickly and gets back to Guatemala without any further delays.


  1. Congrats on the 2nd DNA! Can't wait to meet you in Atlanta =)

  2. Ruthanne, just know that I pray for you daily. I will add this new development to my prayer list. I'm sure that the results will get back to Guatemala very quickly and you will soon be reunited with Andrew.

    Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. You are completely right, I believe that it is a Trust issue. I have no doubt that God sent us on this journey and He will provide, but the human side of me doesn't want me to trust in each step of the plan. I'll be visiting with my parents September 15th-22nd at the Marriott. Perhaps we will meet up again very soon.

  3. Congrats Ruthanne! I am praying super hard!

  4. Congrats on the DNA being done. Just a few more weeks to wait! I'm sorry to be behind on the posts...I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs now that we're home...