Saturday, August 18, 2007

Itchy Itcherson

If I were Jerry Seinfeld, I'd open tonight's show with, "What's up with all the bugs in Chicago this summer?"
They're killing me! First we had the cicada invasion. They were nasty. Luckily, I was in Guatemala during most of the week that they were flying around. The noise drove me crazy, though.
Now, we have itch mites. You don't know they're biting you. The bites show up 4 hours after you've been bitten. They itch SO bad. I have one bite on my leg that I have scratched so hard in my sleep, I've bruised my leg. They leave big red welts and then get other little bumps around that welt. Last night, I woke up at 2am itching and scratching. I got up and put hydrocortisone cream on the bites, but it was still 3:30 before I got back to sleep. Andrew may as well be home if I'm going to keep these kind of hours!!

Just in case you're one of those people who loves this kind of stuff, here's a website for you complete with a video: itch mites

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  1. ACK Ruthanne!!!! We have something we call "no see'ems" that are a lot like that. You don't even know you've been bitten until later when all of a sudden you're digging your skin off. Right now outside here is like piranaville with the heat, humidity, woods behind our house where I'm sure water stands somewhere. Family Off has become my best friend. :) The weird thing?? They eat us up but don't really bother Kemry!