Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wilson's health

I've been kind of quiet about Wilson's health since his first hospital visit. Mostly, I've been too busy to post but also, I really haven't been sure what to say.  We still don't have clear answers about his lungs and what is going on in there but the doctors are treating it aggressively and we are seeing progress in many areas. We do know that he is resistant to all the medications he was on in Haiti. We also know that his immune system was not strong enough to help him fight and we are now rebuilding that. All of this requires a lot of medication and a lot of time to manage it all. His doctor and nurse practitioners are amazing and usually text or call me every day to check on him. 

The issues we are having right now are that the medications make his belly hurt so he doesn't want to eat. He takes meds 5 times a day which does not leave large windows of time for him to feel well enough to eat. There is also a lot of throwing up at our house right now. A lot of it.  And there are home health nurses, medication deliveries and people who come to pick up blood samples. It's busy here. I am trying to keep our lives as normal as possible but it is difficult.

Our next step is to tweak the meds schedule to allow larger periods of time between doses. He is also taking something for reflux to see if that helps keep the food down.  He has lost 6 lbs since he has been home. If we can't get some weight back on him, they will have to put in a g-tube to allow me to feed him and give him his meds in a way that is not so irritating for him.  

The other side effect we are dealing with is exhaustion. His body is fighting hard to rebuild his immune system and fight whatever is in his lungs.  He sleeps for most of the morning and has little energy the rest of the day. He loves seeing his brothers come home from school and usually tries to play with them for a while when they get home. He tires very easily, though. 

He is the bravest child I have ever met. He never gives up. I am amazed by him every day. He continues to do what I ask of him even though it is often uncomfortable or painful.  
God has provided many things during this time: 
An amazing team of doctors and nurse practitioners who care about Wilson and work tirelessly to help him get stronger and healthier. 

Strength every day to do all the things he needs. Some days, it is most of our day just to give meds, see doctors, and drive back and forth to the hospital downtown. 

Courage to keep taking his meds even though he knows that he will probably throw up and then have to take them all over again. 

Relationship with his brothers and me. This is so important in his willingness to keep fighting and keep pushing through the exhaustion and pain.

Friends who have been supportive in many ways: cards, phone calls, texts, watching Andrew and Daniel when I am at the hospital or late getting home from a doctor's appointment. 

We appreciate all of your prayers. It is good to know that in the times when the busyness of the day keeps me from praying the way I would like to, our friends are stepping in for us. Please keep praying with us that Wilson's lungs heal and that his medications continue to strengthen his immune system.


  1. Praying for your sweet boy! Love your family!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. We will be praying for your sweet boy! What a strong and brave guy!