Thursday, December 12, 2013


The SWEETEST healing moment just happened over here. I wish I had known to record it so you could all sob with me.
Wilson opened a new bag of goldfish crackers. Andrew took a handful and Wilson immediately shut down and did the 'back up' that he does when he is upset. He stopped talking to us and just sat, looking at us. I assured him that there were enough goldfish crackers for both of them and we would get more when those were gone. He still wasn't talking. Andrew wanted to know why he was so mad. I explained that once you have been hungry for more than just a few minutes at a time, you get scared that someone will take your food and you will be hungry again. Andrew immediately understood and told Wilson that he would never let him be hungry again and he wouldn't eat anymore of the goldfish crackers. Wilson sat for a minute and then silently walked over, kissed Andrew on the cheek and offered his bag of crackers to share. 
Honestly, I thought I would burst into tears. 
Healing comes in small, unexpected moments sometimes. It's always beautiful to see. 


  1. So amazing. Tears here too. Then I was telling the story to Tate and got all choked up telling about what Andrew said. Love when brothers look after each other. Andrew has so much compassion.

  2. Oh my gosh, so, so sweet I can't stand it!!! xxoo

  3. Oh what a great healing moment! Thanks for sharing it with us. Praying for your beautiful family of four.