Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wilson's 1st day of school (sort of)

Huge day today! Wilson went to school! (sort of).  He rode the bus with the boys and then I drove to school for a meeting and to hang out with him for a while in his new classroom. I was so nervous about him riding the bus (he is TINY. His legs barely make it up those giant bus steps.) but he was excited to go. 

He's in there....right next to Andrew. He's so small you can't even see him above the window line. I'm pretty sure that he and I should just stay home together for the rest of the school year.

When he got to school, he stood in line with Daniel and then walked into the room with the rest of his class. I controlled myself and did not take pictures of his every move. I hung out in the room and let his teacher take the lead on showing him around and asking him to try new things. He did great! The only issue was a food-related one, of course. He handled it pretty well and was ok once I let him keep his snack in his pocket until it was time to eat it. 

He has an amazing teacher and classroom aide and I feel so much better about him starting kindergarten full time after break.


  1. Those boys of yours - love them! Super cute that the "big" boys are helping Wilson figure things out. :)

  2. Was thinking about you guys all day - so glad it went so well!