Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daniel Day

Daniel had an important day today. Aside from being his 1/2 birthday (which we don't celebrate but the school does) it was also his very last day of phono, which is the speech class he goes to twice a week. He has not been happy having to leave his kindergarten friends to go to phono on Mondays and Wednesdays. He has been working very hard on his k and g sounds so that he could graduate from phono and be a 'whole day friend' every day in kindergarten. Today, I signed the paperwork that will make his 1/2 birthday wish come true. 

To celebrate, I made some Ethiopian food for dinner. He was in heaven. 

Daniel has been struggling since Wilson came home. Having to share Andrew's attention has been very difficult for him. It was nice to celebrate him today and give him some of the positive attention he has been wanting.

Those eyes....

Giving me the 'OK' sign.

Even on his hardest days, he is ridiculously cute.


  1. What awesome progress, Daniel! Way to go! And Ruthanne, I love that you celebrated with him that way

  2. I found a place close by that sells injera and shiro powder. Turner and I celebrated! Glad to catch up on the kids. Hope all is going well.