Sunday, June 27, 2010

Say 'yes' to Michigan

We spent the weekend in MI. Andrew had still not been to Lake Michigan and Daniel has never even been in a pool (that I know of) so I was dying to take them to the beach. Our plan was to hang out Friday and Saturday and then go to the zoo in Battle Creek on Sunday but the weather turned ugly on Sunday so we never got to the zoo.

The house where we stayed had a great yard and the boys immediately went out to explore.

Apparently, he really liked the great outdoors.

Yards are even fun in your jammies.

Pete and Repeat:

On Saturday morning, we went to the beach. Daniel LOVED it. He wanted to be in the water the whole time. His favorite thing was sitting right at the edge of the water and letting the waves smack him in the face. The higher the wave, the better.

Andrew prefers to play in the sand NEAR the water...not in it.

Buried up to his neck:

To infinity and beyoooond:

Surfing like the Backyardigans:
(seriously, he told me, "take my picture, mama. I surfing like the Backyardigans.")

After a nap and some dinner, we went back to the beach to play at the playground.

Did I mention that the Daniels' family went with us?

If I had the patience that Ellie and Harper have with my kids, I'd be up for 'mother of the year'.

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  1. Thanks for taking us! Also, thanks for not posting an "beach" pictures of the swimsuits!

  2. Wow! What a fun trip! Both boys looked like they had a blast! I cannot believe what a little dare devil Daniel is when it comes to water...can he come over and show Isaac how it's done?!!! Great pics!!!