Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daniel's baptism

Today was Daniel's baptism. He was baptized during our contemporary service by Mike Murphy. Mike was the one who introduced me to several other adoptive families at church and helped me find a community within our very large church.

Hi-5'ing the pastor:

He did not like the water:

Daniel and Mommy:

After the service, the kids climbed in the leaves for a while at the Discovery Center in our church:

After church, we had a small party in the Daniels' yard.
Jill gave me a wonderful cookie cutter in the shape of Africa and I took the theme from that....African animals.

Gift boxes for the adults:

Gift bags for the kids:

Let's eat!



Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dan:

Jolie and Grandad:
(no family resemblance there. lol)


Daniel's cake:

Getting ready to blow out his candles:

A playmobil nativity set from Gramma and Grandad:

He got a Toy Story car from the Daniels' family and Amharic words books from Grandpa Joe and Gramma Gail (Jill's parents).

Don't you LOVE this shirt?? Jill made it for Daniel to wear today.

Tate is a wicked hula-hooper

Three amigas:


  1. What a beautiful day! Loved the pictures of the baptism and the party. How awesome that your family was there to celebrate with you, Andrew and Daniel! And how clever you are with the decorations...adorable! Gotta love that Daniels family, too...they are wonderful people.
    Happy Birthday, Daniel!

  2. What a amazing day! You and your boys are truly blessed!

  3. Beautiful pictures! He was such a big boy for his baptism and his party was AMAZING!!! You are quite the little Martha, aren't you?!! Great job, mama! Everything looked FABULOUS!!!

  4. Congrats, Daniel!! I love the decorations...very creative!

  5. Great pictures!! You are such a great Mommy!!!!