Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pirate park

We found a new park today. I liked it because there wasn't anything super high to climb. Daniel has become quite the daredevil and can climb to the top of almost everything he sees. His balance is not super steady yet so my nerves are usually shot by the time we leave the park.
But the very best thing about this new park is that it has one of these:

See what I mean? This one isn't high but he could barely make it down the hallway without tripping when he first came home. Now look at him! I make him keep his shoes on just to slow him down a little.

Grandad is NOT going to like this picture:

Can you believe how old he looks here? Four months ago, I had to cut his sandwiches into little bite-sized squares.

(PS...we did not leave the baggies on the ground.)

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