Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Today's my birthday! We're having a great day, so far. The rain cancelled our plan A for today but plan B was pretty fun too.

My birthday started yesterday with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of roses from my parents.

Today, we were headed out the door to watch the pet parade when it started pouring. We made a detour to the mall so the boys could ride the train and play in the tree house. I even got to do a little shopping. :)



He's almost 2. This is happening with more frequency.

After naps, we met up with Jill, Peter and the kids and headed downtown to the Ethiopian Diamond for dinner. Sara and Abel met us there. Abel might never be the same.

Patiently waiting for the injera to arrive.

We topped off the night with cakes from China town. It was a great birthday!

Ellie was so cute. She picked out a special outfit to wear for my birthday, wrote a beautiful poem for me and made sure there was a candle in the cake for me to blow out.

The lighting of the torch:

Aren't they beautiful?? See the pretty green one? That's green tea mousse cake and it is DIVINE!

Sad because there is no cake on his plate yet.

Poor kid hates cake. He could barely choke it down.

That's better. :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Such beautiful roses! Your parents are so sweet. (Great snapshots of them too.) I'm really liking that cage you got your boys in. Where'd you buy it? Just kidding, of course. They are precious darlings. Aren't children such a blessing.

  2. Happy Birthday Ruthanne!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day with your beautiful boys! Nothin' better!!!

  3. Sounds like a GREAT day! Beautiful flowers and awesome photos!