Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Akron Zoo

We went to the Akron Zoo today with our friends Tara, Nikki and all their kids. (Nikki contributed 4 of the 8 kids that were there. lol) We had such a fun time.

Cheesing for the camera:

King Julian was there!
I like to move it, move it!

Morgan helped out so much with the littler kids. She was wonderful.

Llama, llama...mad at mama.

They all had a great time on the rope bridge:

Andrew loved this guy because he thought it was the goat from his favorite song, "The Lonely Goatherd".

Hey mom, a little privacy please.

The whole gang.

Isn't he CUTE?

Getting comfy and checking out some fish:

He was being VERY brave here. He's still afraid of dogs and anything that resembles a dog.

'Big' Logan was amazing with the little kids.

Logan had such a great time feeding the goats:

Hey, Andrew. Who's your friend?

Babingos! (Andrew's word for flamingos)

Andrew and Isabelle checking out the flamingos:

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  1. These are awesome, Ruthanne!!!!! I am so jealous I missed so much SS FUN!