Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adoption So Sweet

My friend, Jill, is adopting from Ethiopia! (She's a total Ruthanne wanna-be. lol) She and her husband, Peter, have three bio kids and have now decided to add to their family through adoption. I'm so excited for them and equally excited for Daniel who will have an Ethiopian friend nearby. Jill has an awesome embroidery business and right now she is trying to kick it up a notch while she waits (and waits and waits) for her new son to come home. She has a special sale going on right now for Mixed Bags. I already have a few (I have an inside source) and they are fantastic. They're super strong and very cute. Jill will even monogram them for you. Check them out here. They make great gifts (teacher appreciation day is right around the corner, you know).

See? There's still room in the picture for at least one more. :)


  1. Thanks Ruthanne! We'll need all the business we can generate! Hey, I can run those embroidery machines ... With a little supervision !

  2. Such exciting news, isn't it?! So happy for the entire family!
    And I can attest to the fact that the mixed bags are AWESOME! I have one of the Garden Gate grocery bags and I have gotten so many compliments on it. Really, all of Jill's products are such high quality.
    Great picture from the zoo. What a good looking crew!