Monday, March 22, 2010

Feeding the eagles

Since I'm such a good mommy, I cut the crusts off the bread for the boys. I hate throwing them out. Sometimes, I save them to make bread crumbs (yep...I'm a domestic goddess) and other times I throw them away (if I forget to cut them off before smearing them with cream cheese and jelly). Today, I told Andrew that if he took a nap, we would take the bread out to the creek to feed the ducks. He hasn't learned all the different names for birds yet and usually just refers to all of them as eagles or seagulls. So, after dinner, we went down to the creek to feed the 'eagles'. He had a great time getting to be the big boy and throwing the bread into the water. We had to wait a while for the ducks to be brave enough to come get the food but it helped that the geese were on the other bank yelling at them to move away so they came closer to us. (amazingly, none of us were yelling at that moment on our side of the creek).

The 'eagles'.

Hanging on the hill...

He called this a mountain and was super excited to be able to slide down it.

I love how intent he is (with his little tongue sticking out) trying to walk down the 'mountain'.


  1. Domestic Goddess is the description I would use!

  2. How fun! What great pics!

  3. Too cute! Cream cheese and jelly? I just might need to try that!