Monday, March 29, 2010

Road trip!

We took our first family road trip today. The boys did pretty well. There was some fighting in the back seat until I put my duffel bag between them. We stopped to see our friends, the Santillis, and are spending today and tomorrow with them. We always have a great time with them even if we're just hanging out in the family room together.

Logan and Devon:

Andrew found a kazoo and serenaded us all night:

Tara has two BIG dogs. Daniel was not impressed. Mostly, he just didn't want them to lick him but he smells like chocolate and mint so how could they help themselves?

It's very sunny at the Santilli's. You have to wear shades.

Tara's dad 'called' Andrew from his cell phone. Andrew sat there talking to him as if it was perfectly normal.

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