Friday, August 28, 2009

Star of the Week

If my life were a classroom (oh wait, it sort of is), this week's Star of the Week would be a wonderful woman named Kendell. You can find her blog here. She is traveling to Ethiopia on Saturday to pick up her two very special little boys. Not only did she agree to take a small package to Bear for me, but she has assured me that she will love on him and get lots of pictures (maybe even some video!) while she is there. AND (can you believe there is MORE?) her husband is a pediatrician and is going to examine all of the kids at the orphanage! See??? She is definitely the Star of the Week, don't you think?

Even after having already gone through one adoption process, I am still amazed by the people I have met and the generosity they have shown Andrew, me, and now Bear.
Bear's package contained a photo album of his new brother and Mommy, a new pair of jammies (size 18 mos) and a toy car that was Andrew's. I asked him to pick out a car to send to his brother and he immediately went to find one. I'm stunned by how much he already loves his brother. He not only gave the toy to him willingly, but kissed it several times before putting it in the bag. (P.S. I am not too cheap to buy my son a new toy....I thought it would be more meaningful if it was one of Andrew's toys.)

I had vowed that I was not going to buy the boys matching clothes but since they are so close in age (and SIZE!), I'm finding that I sort of can't help myself. So, I bought Andrew the same cute jammies that I bought for Bear. If we can't see Bear wearing them, we can at least see Andrew wearing them, right? I'm hoping that Kendell will be able to get a picture of Bear wearing the pj's and then I can have pics of both of my boys in the same thing. Is that weird? It might be. But I don't care.

I asked Andrew to let me take his picture tonight and he decided to be difficult. Aren't the jammies cute, though? They're camo with BEARS!

pretending to be asleep:

his scary face:

the consequence for not letting mama take your picture is that you must be tickled:

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  1. Hey Ruthanne! I don't think it's weird at all!! So cute! Can't wait to see Bear in the same jammies.

  2. Hey Ruthanne, I just read your friends' blog, it was very touching! Lisa

  3. I have always wanted to be the star of the week!!! :) You are too sweet, Ruthanne! I cannot wait to see Bear and soak up every tiny detail! BTW-I LOVE the matching jammies! I will definitely get a picture of Bear wearing his!!!



  4. That is sooo cool! I can't wait to see more pictures of Bear.