Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pool party

My friend Colleen came over today with her kids, Bridget and Jack. They are great kids and Andrew had a blast with them.

I filled up Andrew's pool while we waited for Colleen and the kids.

He mostly just did this:

I think this might be overkill....sitting in a floaty in the kiddie pool.

Playing with the AWESOME Handy Manny matchbox set they brought him.

Love this shot of Jack:

Colleen was throwing the football and the kids would try to catch it while jumping into the pool:

Nice throw, mom!

hmmmmm.....who's that under the bucket?

Oh! It's Andrew!

Bridget was sooo good with him:

He had a GREAT time playing with Bridget and Jack:

Jack was sneaking up on him:

I think he may be falling in love:

Andrew's new friend. He's been talking about her ever since they left.

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