Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Sisters

This week, we have several friends coming in from out of town. They are part of a group of women that I met while I was adopting Andrew. There are 17 of us and we call ourselves the Summer Sisters because we all started our adoptions in the summer of 2006. These women were/are a huge support to me throughout the adoption process and into motherhood. Once a year, we try to get together to see each other 'in person'. Not all of us have met yet but we're working on it.

Tara was the first one here. She and the kids stayed with me because I have stayed with her many times and wanted to be able to return the favor. The other three families stayed in a hotel right down the street from us.

Tara has ordered some embroidered items from Jill and has spoken to her on the phone several times. Logan and Tate are close in age and Harper and Ellie LOVE playing with little kids so Jill invited us to come over for dinner. We had such a good time. The kids all played and we had a wonderful grilled dinner. It was as if we had all known each other forever.

Blowing bubbles:

Enjoying a great meal with friends:

Waiting for the fire to be ready for marshmallows:


Getting ready to go to bed:

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  1. We loved having you all over. It was great fun and so nice to finally meet Tara, Devon and Logan. Tate misses Logan and was sad to learn he lived far away. Next visit count us in for some fun!

  2. Thank you for welcoming us to your house for the week. I loved finally getting the chance to meet Jill! Logan was waiting to see Tate again all week. Instant buddies :)

  3. I again did a double take when I saw that picture of Devon. She and Evvy share a lot of the same expressions too!

    You got a lot of great pictures of our week together. It was so wonderful meeting all of you and thank you for welcoming us into your house and showing us where to get all the good Chicago food!