Monday, January 5, 2009


Andrew is quickly approaching two and has been sick all week. It's a bad combination. Add to that all the new words he's been learning and Look Out! He has been like two completely different people this week. Sweet and snuggly. Mad and tantrum-y. I prefer the sweet and snuggly but know that I need to take the mad and tantrum-y too if I want him to learn to be independent at some point (you know, when he's 30 or so).

Here's an example of him trying out his new word (NO) at the restaurant the other night. I like how he draws his head back and then really lets it fly.

The pay-off comes at the very end of the video; although it's all pretty entertaining (if you're not sitting at the next table).

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  1. Hee hee. I think he may be a very strong willed determined little man..LOL

    btw, Sophia said "he cute momma"

  2. Hahaha...that looks VERY familiar. He is so cute even when he's in no mode.

  3. Who knew that No could be so cute! :) I love how he puts his hands over his face and continues to shake his head.

  4. Put a bow on his hand and you have my little Olivia!!

  5. Oh...let the good times roll!

  6. Wish my kids were so cute saying no and disagreeing with me!

  7. Isn't it so funny how they love saying it but listening to it is a diffent story. I hear this word all day long. (mostly from my mouth) Haha!!