Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brobee overload

Our friends, the Santillis, sent Andrew a birthday present. He opened it today. I sent Devon some very cute (quiet) clothes for her birthday but I may be rethinking that next year. (You know what they say about paybacks, Aunt Tara.)

They sent him a stuffed Brobee:

a VERY cute shirt that says: Be Cute, Don't Pollute

and this Brobee microphone (which he absolutely loves, by the way):

and look what it makes him want to do:

He has recently started saying his name:

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  1. Happy Birthday big guy!!!! I am so happy that he loved his Brobee stuff :)

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Andrew. May your day be filled with fun and special memories!

  3. Happy Second Birthday Andrew! Keep on rockin' with Brobee!! Sheri