Sunday, January 4, 2009


Andrew hasn't had much of an appetite this week while he's been sick. He says "eeeeat" a lot (his new word) but then doesn't really eat much. Last night we went out for Mexican food and he did eeeeaaatttt. I couldn't believe how much he ate. A whole tamale and most of my rice and beans And he couldn't get the food in fast enough. It was very funny.

Let's eat!

Saying 'cheeeeese'

Two spoons are better than one

And now...for dessert....

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  1. Hi. I got your information from Kelly and I had to check out the blog. He is the most adorable little guy and boy did he eeeeeat! So very cute. I understand that you are in the Chicagoland area so we will have to connect. I will send you an email with my information if you don't have it already.


  2. Adorable pics! He must be feeling better!

  3. Such cute pictures! Seems like he's feeling better! Love the one of him with the huge dessert.

  4. Too funny! We went out for Mexican tonight and I think our ice cream was about that big, I nearly fell over! Glad to see he's feeling better!

  5. Cute! You are one brave woman, no bib??? Or is Andrew like Caroline, lets me put it on her and then takes it off? Glad to see that his appetite is returning.