Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Andrew had such a great time playing with Dad-dad over Christmas. He still asks for him. The other day he came running into the room with an old photo album; grinning and yelling "Dad-dad! Dad-dad!" Sure enough, there was a picture of my dad when his hair was still a little bit dark and he had his mustache. Andrew was so excited to see the pictures.

Here he is showing Dad-dad how he feels about him:

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  1. What a wonderful relationship your dad and his Grandson have..I was soooooooooooo very very close to my Grandma and Grandpa...They passed a few years ago.....I cherish the pictures that i have of me with them as a little girl!!!! PRIceless!!!

    Andrew is just too cute!


  2. I love this picture Ruthanne, after meeting your dad I can see why there is such a strong connection. Your dad is a good / kind man. Thanks for sharing!

  3. so sweet. Got to love those grandpas...

    I posted that I got that book you recommended... check out my blog! Good recommendation! Did you read Wally's yet????? I am dying to know what you thought!

  4. What a sweet beautiful picture. The expression on Andrews face just says it all. What a wonderful blessing for him to get to spend so much time with grandpa.
    I laughed at your last post, Kolby is doing the same mood changes. The other night Dewey said "what in the world is going on with him" I said "um I think its called almost two" :)