Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photo Booth

I found a new gadget on my imac today that I never knew I had---Photo Booth. It's really fun.
Andrew had a great time trying out some of the special effects.

Can you imagine if there were two of him?

And he got to go for his first roller coaster ride. As you can see, he loved it!

George wanted to get into the action too. He is a curious little monkey, you know.

First he swam with the fishes:

Then he went to Yosemite:

He wouldn't put his hands up on the ride though.

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  1. Share more. I have a mac too and don't know about this.

  2. Listen to that "weeeee". Excellent.

  3. ahaha. That is great. Glad George got in on the action too =)

  4. What a cool thing to be able to do on your computer! Your little guy is so handsome!!

  5. Ohhhhh!!!! I want some of that funkiness!!! You and your fancy pants compooper! LOL

  6. The roller coaster is Tate and Ellie's favorite. Great times with iphoto. George looks like he loved it!